Orbond Plus

Reinforced Polyester Felt

Orbond Plus is longitudinal glassfibre-reinforced, non-woven spunbond polyester felt at various versions and weights. The production of spunbond to meet the technical specs even in the most demanding markets thanks to the advanced technology in Oran Group’s modern facilities is possible. Glassfibre-reinforcements in Orbond Plus bring extra advantages and put the product at the highest in its market segment by making it unrivalled in terms of performance. As well as providing the perfect production processability, the flexibility of the polyester and stability of the glassfibre give outstanding dimensional stability and high resistance against time to bituminous membrane in high temperatures and high-speed production lines.


  • Longevity
  • High flexibility
  • High elongation values at break
  • Easy impregnation
  • High resistance to load/deformation cycles
  • High resistance to static loads
  • High heat stability (glassfibre –reinforced)
  • No shrinkage during membrane production
  • Increases the speed of membrane production up to 30%
  • Easy use in mixtures at high viscosity


Roads, railways, flight tracks,sport fields, drainage systems, erosion protection works, coastal protection, roof insulation, and building separator layer.

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Weight (gr/m2)* Max Tensile Strength (N/5cm) Elongation at break (%) Tear Strength (N) Dimensional Stability (%) Thickness (mm)
120≥ 285≥ 180≥ 22≥ 24≥ 120≥ 100≤ 1.8≤ 0.50,75±0,3
150≥ 360≥ 290≥ 23≥ 24≥ 160≥ 140≤ 1.8≤ 0.51,0±0.3
180≥ 500≥ 390≥ 25≥ 25≥ 190≥ 165≤ 1.8≤ 0.21,2±0.3
250≥ 720≥ 620≥ 25≥ 25≥ 240≥ 200≤ 1.8≤ 0.21,4±0.3

Additional weights which is not listed above is available upon request.