Orbond Geotextile Felt

Orbond Spunbond Nonwoven Geo-textile Felt

It’s a nonwoven geo-textile product, which is produced with fibre (spunbond) made from raw material of polyester (PET) as non-woven by needling (mechanical fixation) method. In our geo-textile production, our products show outstanding performance by virtue of using continuous fibre, and non-woven by needling (mechanical fixation) method.


  • Potentiality of provide wide range of alternative solution for proper project requirements
  • Potentiality of using it up to 4,40 meters when single-piece usage is requested
  • Providing dimensional stability under pressure
  • Providing economical solutions
  • Potentiality of high permeability
  • Resistance to micro-organisms, acid and alkali
  • Providing easy application, mobility and laying
  • Resistance to ultraviolet rays


Roads, sport fields, tunnels, subways, bridges and viaducts, erosion protection works, ports, shore protection works, water drainage systems, roofs, insulation’s layer separation, filtering, protecting and reinforcement works.

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Weight (gr/m2)* Max Tensile Strength (N/5cm) Elongation at break (%)
100≥ 300≥ 250≥ 40≥ 40
150≥ 350≥ 300≥ 40≥ 40
200≥ 465≥ 400≥ 40≥ 40
250≥ 500≥ 450≥ 40≥ 40
400≥ 700≥ 500≥ 40≥ 40

Additional weights which is not listed above is available upon request.